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Naruto Mentally Unstable Team 7 Fanfiction

Team 7 has finally cracked. As of now he has nothing tying him to Konoha and is a flight risk.

Surfacage Itachi Naruto Cute Uchiha

And then one unstable Jinchuuriki meets the King Jinchuuriki.

Naruto mentally unstable team 7 fanfiction. They all hate the leaf. Also on FanFiction. There have been prodigies from the Hidden Leaf before Itachi Uchiha Minato Namikaze and Orochimaru being one of the few but none of them were bigger prodigies than Naruto Uzumaki Genin at age 4 Chunin at age 7 Special Jonin at age 9 and Joni.

Team 7 has finally cracked. Kakashi was walking up to the hospital with Team 7 when he heard Narutos scream. Plus he kinda wanted to rub it in the other Jounin Senseis faces that his team was just awesome like that even if they didnt know it yet.

Grim absurd and very violent. Some bonds however are difficult to forge and even harder to keep. To a trained ninja you could feel the hostility rolling off Naruto towards his team.

All for very similar reasons. Sakura hates lady Tsunade with a passion. Mainly Naruto Sasuke and Sakura with smatterings of Kakashi Sai and Yamato.

The tide of blood nears drums thunder and three Genin stand tall as the world spirals into madness. When he looked at them. Team 7 was already there when Kakashi got there oddly on-time.

Suna Vacation a naruto fanfic FanFiction. The reason I have done this is two-fold. The Kazekage is not pleased by this.

Raving mad Psycho just just Insane. She calls herself her sensei but all she does is mentally and physically abuse her day after day. Naruto is a female but only a handful of people knows thisBut.

She calls herself her sensei but all she does is mentally and physically abuse her day after day. A series of seven scenes across the lives of Sasuke Naruto and Sakura from their time in the Academy to their lives after. Team 7 has finally cracked.

Now this is interesting Naruto-kun Kabuto said as he examined Naruto wound around his right eye. The invasion didnt fail. Team Tensai Chapter 7.

She liked it that way and theres theres no other way to explain it. And Narutos is just as bad He opens it. Hopefully someone finds this using tags lol.

All for very similar reasons. She usually is left alone at school in her corner messing with her fingers or drawing demented wolves or people. AnimeManga Fanfiction Romance Wolves Insane Reader Insert Naruto The.

Captain Kork - Stories. Depleting her chakra reserves to the point where she cant even move to get herself off of the ground again. Konoha has burned to the ground.

The silent Team 10 exchanged incredulous looks and wondered just what the hell Team 7 had gotten into in the relatively short time that theyd been in the forest. Featuring a half-Hyuuga with a superiority complex a bipolar Nara a blind Uchiha and their Sensei a pseudo-jinchuuriki Uzumaki. They all hate the leaf.

Kakashi was bound and determined to make sure that he didnt end up with a dead genin or one that went rogue. In unity lies strength. Sasuke leaned on the rails on the bridge to face the calming stream.

Rock Bottom - A Team 7 Story Completed 37 parts. They all got ready to stretch and relax for maybe another two or three hours. This story is a female Naruto story.

Prepare to meet the most dysfunctional and mentally unstable team in Konoha history. Depleting her chakra reser. In this story we have Naruko Uzukami her parents are dead the village treats her horribly all the.

Ability action akatsuki anko chuninexams doubt fun jonin kekkeigenkai kiba kurama. They all hate the leaf. Have a look Kabuto handed Naruto a small hand mirror.

Each leaf is important or the beauty of the tree is lost. Anbu naruko broken mask SASUNARU. All for very similar reasons.

The next day when Team 7 stopped by for there meeting everything seemed fine. Sasuke-kun is mentally unstable. Mentally unstable psychologically tortured and he also doesnt sleep for days on end like Sasuke and Sakura thinking that Someone will try to get him in his sleep He finishes leaving Kakashi shocked.

What Kabuto-san Naruto said interested in what Kabuto had seen. Team 7 gen time travel. Naruto planted himself against a tree about to pull a Nara.

And Sakura finds herself carrying half of Hidan across two countries leaving a trail of blood bodies and other peoples legs. Dai-nana-han Team 7 as Family Naruto Team as Family. So theyre in Suna.

Team 7 Naruto Sasuke and Sakura had arrived right on the dot as usual. Blood Wings by Eilyfe. Team seven is long gone.

Sakura hates lady Tsunade with a passion. Team 7s Secret Motto by Unleashed Reasoning. Or Sasuke Naruto and.

He would betray the village in a shot if it meant gaining an iota of power. Theyre in Suna to take the chuunin exam. Sakura hates lady Tsunade with a passion.

She calls herself her sensei but all she does is mentally and physically abuse her day after day. A community where the infamous Team Seven train and make merry and possibly lay waste the entire multi-verse. He just turned the page in his book.

The identity of his sensei ties into the teammates I have chosen for him namely Uchiha Sasuke and Hyuuga Hinata in Team Seven. Sakura and Sasuke were seemingly unaware but Kakashi was probably had a foreboding sense and a little guilt when he noticed Narutos gaze lingered on him for a few seconds before he. Depleting her chakra reser.

It was the third evening of the second part of the exam and Naruto was bored.

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