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Naruto Flirts With Yugito Fanfiction

But the Hokage wouldnt lie about something like that Kakashi replied. The fox woman allowed chakra leak out of Narutos body for a bit and immediately a poof came and a scroll popped into the blondes hand.

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Well it seems that Kyuubis gonna hand you the contract for the Foxes Yugito said and Naruto.

Naruto flirts with yugito fanfiction. Naruto smiled at her and grasped her hand in a shake Uzumaki Naruto but just call me Naruto. Yugito smiled Whats with the mask she asked Got something you need to hide under there. I cant say this is completely fake because I was there at your wedding I for one second would have never let you marry her if I didnt think she loved you.

Summoning Bahamut to hold off Bee Naruto focused his attention on Yugitos flaming form quickly defeating her with his speed and the use of several of his mothers more powerful water. Naruto I dont know if Yugito loves you or not.

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