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Naruto And Yugito Child Fanfiction

Yugito will be the same age as Naruto even though shes thirty in Shippuden. Yugito knew it was a fangirl attack.

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Naruto and yugito child fanfiction. Naruto will not learn the Raiton no Yoroi Lightning armor Neither will he learn the Kuroi Kaminari Black lightning Naruto will be an adopted younger brother of the Raikage. When Naruto and Yugito was in bed Yugito got in to her jammys and naruto got into his jammys. Naruto was surprised by the sudden contact but held on tight in the familial embrace before setting Akane down.

When he came back he was marked with hair messed up kiss marks everywhere and clothes ripped up. Then she blushed at the thought of her unborn child. The last female removed the hood of her cloak to reveal a girl that looked to be a year or two older than Naruto.

Her sunkissed blonde hair was straight and flowed down her back as. Naruto will have the Shoton Crystal release Naruto. Yugito smiled warmly Naruto was good with kids.

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