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Naruto Is Itachi's Half Brother Fanfiction

The Plea a naruto fanfic FanFiction. Kinda generic Naruto Neglect fanfic.

Uchiha Brothers My Two Favourite Characters This Drawing Was Way More Challenging That I Expected Especially Naruto Drawings Naruto Sketch Naruto Tattoo

Shisui Uchiha decides to get a paternity test and it changes the course of history.

Naruto is itachi's half brother fanfiction. Prophecy Naruto Neglect Fanfic Action. There are a lot of these but they are fun to write. Killing off the blue uchiha by uSnoozy_Foy Naruto is Mikotos half brother and Itachis uncle pretty good fic over all in my opinion.

Itachi hadnt expected such callousness from Sasuke. He was aware that his little. The bonds that shape us Chapter 1.

True to their parents predictions. Shisui quickly learned that being Narutos gaurdian was not going to be as easygoing as he. Family a naruto fanfic FanFiction.

I almost wanted to make Fem itachi half Yandere at some point but maybe i will make her half yandere towards naruto Enough Talk lets get down to the real. Half Brother Chapter 2. In response Itachi moved his head closer and leaned on for a kiss and Shisuis head automatically compiled.

If Naruto belonged to me Sakura would. Itachi Uchihas little sister Hiromi has always been by his side through thick and thin. But Shisui had agreed with Itachi Hiruzen had looked down at Naruto and.

I would like you to meet. Shisuis Little Brother a naruto fanfic FanFiction. My real name is Itachi Naruto-kun She said laughing quietly.

The other Uchiha had noticed of Itachis strange behavior and had Shisui look after him. Half Brother Fanfiction. Itachi was the one who had told him about the Forest of Death in the first place.

Shisui Uchiha decides to get a paternity test and it changes the course of history. Anime fixing halfbrother itachi manga naruto. Shisui laid on the ground beside Itachi after gracefully admitting defeat.

Itachi gave him a half smile as she stood back up. Naruto is deidaras brother fanfiction. Naruto and Itachi had become close friends and had formed a bond with an older Uchiha named Shisui who became an older brother.

His lips were just about to touch Itachis when a. Half Brother Chapter 1. Narutos own head hovered over Itachis shoulder gazing up at the ceiling.

H-hai Weasel-chan Naruto said nervously. Anime fixing halfbrother itachi manga naruto. A scream tore through the room and Itachi moved back surprised.

I know another story right Im sorry but I cant help it Ive decided to start one of my.

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