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Naruto Female Haku Lemon Fanfiction

M for lemons but later much much later. This will be 18 If you dont like please dont read.

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So this is a fanfiction Lemon requested by BillyZhao about Naruto 17 and a FEMALE Itachi 22.

Naruto female haku lemon fanfiction. Seemed like a weird character to write. What was he thinking. With a past shrouded in secrecy to.

Uzumaki Naruto disappeared at the age of five only to reappear years later with no memory of his time away. Naruto x Fem Sasuke gaiden by Hirano Alfairus 142K 17K 10 its been 3 years since the 4th great shinobi war. After the battle of the bridge Sasuke then demanded Naruto to give him that power.

NO Naruto shook his head to clear it of the images that invaded it. When Naruto was six years old the old man Third Hokage had give him a piggyback ride. A NaruHaku fic Haku is female.

A semi-serious and intelligent Naruto. Raised and trained by the Hyuga clan Natsumi Female Naruto Uzumaki sets out into the world of Shinobi and Kunoichi along with her teammates Sasuke Uchiha and. All Naruto friends already married leaving Naruto.

Takes place in shippudden. Pride If there is such a word Naruto Jul 17 2021 This story is Fem sasuke and naruto lemon. This is my one shot lemon stories with Naruto characters.

Can be harem or one on one action 3 one or both genders Rule 1- Story MUST have a decent plot along with a good amount of. Narutos eyes flew open wide but then he relaxed and returned the kiss eyes sliding closed. Haku slid onto the bed and straddled the blondes legs as he swept his.

Even though the girl looked defeated her eyes told him she still had some spirit left within her. Thats why its adventure first. But instead of Naruto Sasuke is taken down.

Naruto couldnt help but smirk as he made his way towards Haku. Naruto watched Haku and noticed how beautiful he was when he cried. For a guy his beauty rivaled that of the women in his magazines.

This drives Naruto - in a fit of rage and sadness of losing his first friend - to call apon the power of his tenant The. With one last sigh Naruto looked to the spot under the tree where Haku had first woken him. Narutos Big Sausage Ch 1 Naruto FanFiction.

Sakura in typical fan girl fashion sided with Sasuke in demanding Narutos. Hmm after the war and well to add to the. Village of Ecstasy Lemon Editing Fanfiction.

Yes a female Itachi.

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