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Naruto Death Boruto Fanfiction

Fiction K - English - DramaAdventure - Naruto U Boruto U. Naruto lay on the ground nearly dead from his fight wth Kawaki.

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This is a one-shot.

Naruto death boruto fanfiction. Naruto held on for several more minutes just to make sure the deed had been done. This is my first fanfic and yes I know that i suck at writing summaries. At last the boys struggling died down and the horror faded from his blue eyes.

When he was sure Naruto. This may be a multiple chapter story. Boruto struggled beneath him and Naruto simply stared into his sons terrified eyes as he clawed at Narutos arms trying to escape.

Anyway on with it. Borutos death had left a gaping hole in the Uzumaki family as well. The man was shattered and.

If there was someone who was hurt as much as I was it was Tou-san Naruto. His son Boruto held his form. Im really not sure.

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