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Naruto Itachi X Sakura

Feb 18 2021 - Explore fruity turtle s board Itachi x sakura on Pinterest. I havent done a video on this accountEnjoy.

Svetletyyy96 Anime Naruto Naruto Comic Sakura Haruno

He had to let her live for she was the only one who possessed the potential to offer him a worthy challenge.

Naruto itachi x sakura. Naruto ItaSaku - Itachi x Sakura from 5 February 2016. By AG_is_queen_of_games ı pouʇ ɥɐʌǝ ɯnɔɥ ʇıɯǝ. Prequel to The Butterfly.

Sakura-Chan cant go into ANBU she just cant Naruto said stomping his foot for emphasis Sakura glared at him less than amused at his still childish antics. His plans foiled when he met Naruto a boy with similar circumstances and further spiraled when he allowed Sakura in. I DONT OWN THE PICTURES OR SONG.

Reflections-Naruto FanFic Itachi x Sakura Fanfiction. Haruno Sakura - Student council. The things that vary from the canon are that Naruto doesnt know about Itachis sacrifice even though the Kage summit is over and done with and Itachi has been.

ıɯ uoʇ with 285 reads. Itachi was a genius from the start in a world where exelling is mandatory earning his spot easily in Konoha while Haruno Sakura had nothing. Sakura Haruno managed to catch the eye of both Uchiha brothers after the war.

I didnt draw anything for this book Four years after Sasuke was born Mikoto Uchiha gave. It finally clicked in Narutos head. T - English - DramaRomance - Chapters.

See more ideas about itachi sakura anime naruto. Team 7 came back to find Sakura is a cold merciless ANBU Captain and goes on a assassination with her as. AnimeManga Fanfiction Romance Itachi Sakura Naruto.

Sakura married Sasuke and Itachi returned to the village to rebuild his life. The very thought was disturbing to him but he had no right to judge her being the. Love Shippuden Uchiha Haruno Humor Cabin Forest Itasaku Sakura finds an injured Itachi in the woods and decides.

13-mar-2019 - Photo 150 from ISI I Ship It het onlys album Аниме. No bloodline limit no. Sakura was pregnant with Itachis child.

Read Itachi x Naruto AN from the story Team 7 reacts to ships. Itachi Kakashi Asuma Ino Sakura Shikamaru Choji Kiba Neji Lee Akamaru.

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