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Naruto Brother Of Neji Fanfiction

Naruto stayed close and behind Neji as they neared closer to the fallen body of Kiba. Konoha is without a doubt the best place to be born into the elemental nationsUnless you are born to the Hyuuga branch familyPremise.

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Naruto walked slowly down the streetsignoring the squealing of Sakuraand the fangirling of Nato.

Naruto brother of neji fanfiction. Narutos Brother Chapter 1 a naruto fanfic FanFiction. It isnt until hes in a vicious battle in the middle of Sound Territory and Rock Lee is shoving his injury paralyzed body under a rotted log before turning to take on. The main character is a person.

Nejis brother set his bag down on the ground and bowed to Hiashi. Himawaris Big Mouth Naruto FanFiction Naruto knew that his daughter Himawari was a smart kid ahead of her years. You have no clue what the.

What happens when Narutos Older brother returns to him. Wait Jiraiya shouted as he chased Naruto through the village. Neji naruto sasuke shikamaru sakura tenten hinata kiba kakashi ino gaara choji shino lee itachi rocklee nejihyuga hyuga temari sai.

A Naruto Fanfiction Original Story Naruto. Wowjust the way you saved meYou must really love me Nato. Shameful Wish Chapter 3.

Ongoing First published Feb 25 2019. Neji went to pick up Naruto. Uzumaki Mamoru is the twin brother of Naruto.

Nejis Brother Kenji a naruto fanfic FanFiction. Not canon compliant at all. Brother hatake itachi itachiuchiha kakashi kenshin.

Request for the Chuunin Exams. Neji leaned down and said emotionless. Look you touch Naruto.

There was something about her blood the. First published Feb 25 2019. Basically Naruto and Neji who are very much in love and married time-travel on accident into the past and kinda just do dumb stuff.

The first thing heshe had noticed. 2 hours 12 minutes 2h 12m. Much like Naruto Mamoru was shunned and hated by the village.

Younger brother of Neji and cousin of Hinata you. Now that was a good idea if Naruto had any good ideas. Naruto had grown up despised in the village.

Mamorus father sealed the Yin chakra within. Naruto has an older brother. His childhood Neji felt must have.

He left the village and his family Konohamaru said ignoring his senseis orders to whisper. Neji sighed as he watched Sasuke and Naruto argue over something that Naruto did. Better yet Hinata was Nejis cousin and Neji probably brought Hani over to his house nearly.

Just as he was starting to carry Naruto the others had arrived. At that moment Naruto came to. Neji knew that Naruto had considered Sasuke to be the brother he never had.

Later grants Kumo jinchuuriki Killer Bee political. Emperors Dawn by ChrisM2011. Big brother Neji is everything all right A quiet voice asked as Neji.

I dont care if hes her brother.

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