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Rinnegan Naruto X Fem Itachi Fanfiction

The masked man makes an offer. She shook her head of these thoughts and resolved to get the shopping done quick so they could check out the hidden training ground.

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Then one day on his first C-rank gone wrong Naruto meets Haku.

Rinnegan naruto x fem itachi fanfiction. Naruto banished dissapears for 10 years but when Konoha is at war with Sound and Iwa they find Naruto as the Raikage with a family Naruto x Yugito x Samui x Mabui Naruto - Rated. He sends him there with a gifts. Fix-It of Sorts.

Probably not the best idea to start this story whilst I have two other unfinished stories going on but I got the idea and in a moment of weakness ran with it. First She wakes up from stasis after being revived then Naruto gets the Rinnegan Stops a kidnapping Gains his zanpakuto and to top it all Itachi was a girl. Agree to help him bring about world peace and hell tell Naruto the truth about his past.

Initially everyone thought the boy to be an idiot. Naruto accepts but knowing the truth sends him to an emotional tailspin. Naruto will eventually learn to wield all elements thanks to his mother.

Free from the chains that bound Naruto will begin his path as the child of prophecy. The golden eyes and demon sword by GoldenAustin Godlike Naruto. 942017 75 Chapter 1 AN.

Whether he will bring the destruction of the world or be its savior was yet to be seen. Kill whoever he asks and hell give him not only power but answers. If you want any of these change please review an i will change it if i agree to your reason.

Depressed bitter and desperate Naruto becomes a ninja full of apathy. M English Romance Angst Naruto U Itachi U Words. Itachi uchiha the latest of the villages long line of child prodigies had somehow overshadowed Naruto but then again he was more public that Naruto.

Now extended to fics that contains Naruto elements like the Gedo Mazo the Byakugan Eternal Mangekyo. I dont own Naruto. Part 1 Sasuke T English Adventure Fantasy words.

Anime Naruto Rated. You all know these fics the ones that have Naruto with the rinnegan being the reincarnation of Hagoromo etc Im looking for fics like these that are GOOD and by good i mean logical progression but in the end still godlike have like 100k words my favorite RinneganNaruto fic is The Legacy but i greatly dislike fics where Naruto is Dark Manipulative Emotionless etc. Not only that but hell give him power beyond his greatest imaginings.

I will love you by Ice_Kitsune4801. 3222015 Itachi U OC Vongola 10th Generation 171 Yin and Yang by BetweenTheSeaAndStars The concept of balance is the world of Ninja is very different. After all if it walks like a duck quacks like a duck and flys like a duck its a duck.

When Sasuke realised his mistake he had already lost the sunshine the sunshine had disappeared w. Kill whoever he asks and hell give him not only power but answers. Some saw the boy as a changing of the guard in the uchiha clan.

Be unassuming when you want attention drawn to you act out when you want to hide. Sasuke broke the heart of a fragile little boy when they were younger. He makes Naruto a deal.

If you want harem please tell me who you want in it. His motheraka sage of six paths wants him to have a better life in her world. The fight had been between the man who had claimed to be Madara Uchiha Tobi aka Uchiha Obito or rather the clone of Uchiha Obito and Naruto Uzumaki Rokudaime Hokage of Konohagakure after Naruto had foiled Tobis plan by sealing the reformed Jūbi into himself with a new powerful Fūinjutsu in the 4th Great Shinobi War.

Part 2 of Alys Rinnegan Naruto. To be very honest this is my First Naruto Fanfic I want to see how well it will go. 8172015 - Naruto U Yugito N Samui Mabui.

Then one day on his first C-rank gone wrong Naruto meets Haku. Part 2 of Alys Rinnegan Naruto. He makes Naruto a deal.

Naruto Katekyo Hitman Reborn T English Adventure Romance chapters. Naruto accepts but knowing the truth sends him to an emotional tailspin. One night when Naruto is seven a man with a mask and a red eye appears in his room.

Slightly dark Naruto x FemItachi x Mei x Tsunade. 60 Nov 18 2020 Sasuke U. This community contains fics which features Naruto with the Rinnegan as the Juubi Jinchuriki as the Rikudo reborn as the transmigration of Ashura Indra or both at the same time or also as the Transmigration of Hagoromo Otsusuki.

He has the power to change the world for the better. The boy was sat almost dead center of the room his infuriating grin was a perfect mask. The Last Uchiha by The Ace 0863 After defeating his best friend once and for all something unusual happens and Sasuke Uchiha finds himself lost in a world of Benders Spirits and Animal Fusions.

Rinnegan strong time traveling Naruto. Naruto is the son of Chaos. Itachi was the darling of the village a kind reserved intelligent clan heir.

Hello Everyone I have a new fanfic idea Im thinking about doing a Naruto x Fem Itachi Fic since I am a fan of itachi myself I might let this story be a One shot or give it a few other chapters. T - English - AdventureRomance - Chapters. Fem itachi x Naruto Fic Search A while back I read a fix in which fem H itachi doesnt kill her clan and fugaku tells her to get married and she ends up in a relationship with naruto she keeps it a secret but reveales it after pains attack.

Depressed bitter and desperate Naruto becomes a ninja full of apathy. Dragon Phoenix Wolf and fox summoning contracts.

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