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Naruto Vs Sasuke Premier Combat Episode

Shikamaru et les autres ninjas touchés par larbre Shinjû sont. The season focuses the battle.

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Le chakra Après un rude combat contre.

Naruto vs sasuke premier combat episode. Sasuke clashes his Chidori with Narutos Rasengan and within the dome of resulting energy they trade final blows. Naruto Shippuden 424 sees an epic episode as it begins with Naruto entering to save Guy as he begins the amazing battle that is Naruto and Sasuke vs Madara. Naruto et Sasuke libèrent Kakashi de la technique de la Prison Aqueuse de Zabuza et le combat continue.

Sasuke actually fights Naruto five times throughout the series. Sasuke attacks with fireballs which Naruto dodges. The sixth season of the Naruto.

Shippuden anime series is directed by Hayato Date and produced by Studio Pierrot and TV Tokyo. Naruto creates clones which attack with Rasengan. Sasuke オマエと戦いたいついに激突 サスケVSナルト Omae to Tatakaitai.

The second big fight. Naruto finds an ally in a man who has a. Naruto Episodes 107108 are Naruto and Sasukes first big battle with each other.

Sasuke punches Naruto and Naruto scratches. The episodes for the fifteenth season of the anime series Naruto. Using the Rinnegan Sasuke pulls Naruto and his clones.

After a heated battle Naruto has the enemy cornered but Todorokis younger brother Akio is taken. Hashirama incite tous les ninja à collaborer et à ne pas perdre espoir. Naruto confronts Sasuke to dissuade him from his plan and after they almost kill each other in a final battle Sasuke admits defeat and reforms.

They are based on Part II for Masashi. Tsui ni Gekitotsu Sasuke tai Naruto is episode 107 of the original Naruto anime. They engaged in a heated duel on the rooftop of the hospital where Naruto told Sasuke that he had never considered himself inferior to Sasuke.

Shippuden are based on Part II for Masashi Kishimotos manga series.

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