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Naruto Uzumaki Kekkei Genkai Fanfiction

An art that he unknowingly has a kekkei genkai. The Naruto Fanon Wiki founded in 2007 by LaviBookman is a wiki of fan-invention based in the Naruto universe.

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Here we allow users to create their own fan fiction stories characters jutsu etc as well as allowing them to collaborate together in what is known as a roleplay.

Naruto uzumaki kekkei genkai fanfiction. He read how powerful was the Shodai Hokage with his unique kekkei genkai Bloodline limit of. Their leaders stand equally with the landlords ruling the countries they are a part of. He was voiced by Katsuhiko Kawamoto in the Japanese.

What if Naruto Uzumaki hadnt been such an overly hyperactive student and actually put most of his energy towards studying a type of jutsu rarely used in the shinobi world. Where fan fiction writers can write stories together pit characters against each other in fights and even do. A Hidden Village maintains its economy by training its citizens to be ninja from a young age and using them as.

After twenty minutes of the older shinobi trying to explain the basics of elemental manipulation and kekkei genkai the blonde finally got it somewhat. Naruhina naruto sasusaku hinata sasuke sakura shikatema nejiten saiino narutouzumaki hinatahyuga narutoshippuden boruto shikamaru sakuraharuno neji sasukeuchiha uzumaki. Deidara is an antagonist in the Naruto anime and manga series.

Return of the Flash. He was a rogue ninja from the Village Hidden in the Stones and a member of the Akatsuki. Hes willing to flip to everyone and everything off and will use his own madness to his advantages to tear his enemies apart.

People often wonder about what ifs this is my interpretation of such a scenario. He served as one of the two main antagonist in the Kazekage Rescue arc a supporting antagonist in the Three-Tails Appearance arc and the main antagonist in the Itachi Pursuit Mission arc. Naruto Uzumaki was not a normal boy by any means.

A what Naruto asked looking more confused than ever. Uzumaki NarutoYamanaka Ino 237 Hyuuga HinataUzumaki Naruto 75 Haruno SakuraUzumaki Naruto 70 TentenUzumaki Naruto 34 Uchiha SasukeUzumaki Naruto 32 Haruno SakuraUchiha Sasuke 28 TemariUzumaki Naruto 26 TsunadeUzumaki Naruto 24 Mitarashi AnkoUzumaki Naruto 17 Haruno SakuraYamanaka Ino 14 Include Additional Tags. Ice Style is a nature transformation kekkei genkai a combination of water and wind1 The Land of Waters Yuki clan was feared for the power of their Ice Release2 forcing its members to go into hiding to escape persecution3 In Kakashi Hiden Kahyō and Rahyō are ice users whose family was conquered by Kirigakure decades earlier.

Naruto Uzumaki wasnt your run-of-the-mill orphan. Naruto World Map Lands and Hidden Villages Hidden Villages are parts of countries in which the countrys ninja reside. Ice Release 氷遁 Hyōton Viz.

Well Naruto it looks like you have a kekkei genkai the old Hokage replied calmly. Warning this is a very Dark Naruto story twisted by his own Aunt. Naruto Uzumaki is a dark and sadistic young man who no longer gives any shits about Konoha and their thoughts on him.

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