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Naruto Team 7 Bashing Fanfiction

The three members of team 7 were glaring down at him. In Memories Of Others in-progress reinterpretation here on AO3 Naruto encounters Kurenai and Hinata between his graduation and the team assignments.

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Team Seven hasnt been innocent in a long time.

Naruto team 7 bashing fanfiction. General Konoha bashing would also be pretty cool since theyre all obviously out to get Naruto and fuck over their trump card. He Sakura and Sai end up as members of Team 13 under the guidance of Aoba. Look out Kaguya youre no match for the power of the CRACK COCAINE version of friendship.

Isnt it already a subtle form of bashing if the plot is bending over backwards for Naruto to continue being a ninja while the other two are sent back to the academy. Godlike Naruto also mult cross In the anime a meeting with Konohagakure NaruHina Some Bashing The Daimyo came over and sat on the bed next to naruto becomes daimyo of whirlpool fanfiction Wrath of the Gods Ch 3 Naruto. The fight was pretty even up to the point where Kakashi got trapped in one of Zabuzas suiton jutsu.

Why is our Sensei the only one whos late She screamed her head off annoying both her fellow teammates in. Sasukes a pining mess eagerly awaiting Narutos 17th birthday to. Lower case intended Language.

After Naruto watches the collapse of team 7 he just couldnt bring himself to reinvest again the shards of his heart were too fine to hold nevermind gift to another. LF fics where Kakashi actually fails team 7. Sakura and Sasuke bashing.

The next day when Team 7 stopped by for there meeting everything seemed fine. Betrayal gaara kakashi naruto narutouzumaki sakura sasuke team7. Haku just laughed at the two of them as she got up and went to bed.

Leaving the two boys in their zoned out state. Fiction T - English - Adventure - Naruto U Hinata H. Kakashi was sending waves of anger at Kakashi while rubbing his stomach where he got punched.

He saved Naruto and me from that Gaara even after Gaara knocked me unconscious. Adopted by Echo Uchiha Rated. Then when Naruto.

Naruto defeated Sasuke and brought him back to the village and it all when back to normal. When a seventeen year old girl falls in an alternate dimension she sets out to find her place in this new world and eventually ends up becoming something that she never considered herself. Kakashi ordered team 7 to retreat with Tazuna but Sasuke and Sakura stood there unable to move as Zabuza made some mizu bunshins and flared his KI in their direction.

Sakura and Sasuke were seemingly unaware but Kakashi was probably had a foreboding sense and a little guilt when he noticed Narutos gaze lingered on him for a few seconds before he. Team 7 Without Their Sunshine A Naruto Fanfiction Fanfiction. 1k Bloodline Destroyer by oso1991 Naruto is taken out of the village by Itachi on the Hokages order.

Naruto has had enough with team 7 so he leaves and they want him back. Naruto has been betrayed and he gains the power of Kyuubi and a powerful new ally Team 7 bashing. In which Team Seven become time travels Kurama wants a nap Kakashi becomes their unwilling but joyful sensei-dad and Konoha suffers.

Naruto had invested the last pieces of his scarred heart in team 7 his investments never pay off. Next to Naruto stood Kiba Dosu Kankuro Temari Shikimaru Shino and Gaara. CursingFirst chapters kinda lame gets better.

General Team 7 bashing. Team 7 quickly took position around Tazuna and Kakashi engaged the demon of the mist. Sai Naruto Dai-nana-han Team 7 Naruto Yamanaka Ino.

The two Kunoichi discover that Naruto is badly-equipped for becoming a Shinobi and use the weeks grace period to help him learn some of the things he should already have. Naruto may be a gentleman but he is still a man so even he managed to get lost in a daze at the comment while Kiba had a nosebleed and was in his own world. But he cannot avoid every Alpha.

To a trained ninja you could feel the hostility rolling off Naruto towards his team. Naruto was stuck trying to figure out just what the girl meant. When Naruto returns though he has a power that will make the Sharingan shatter Byakugan blind and the Rinnegan helpless.

Even after he got that horrible curse seal he was still thinking about Team 7. And when they are in heat omegas born to clans are sent to the omega heat barracks where they are bred by Konoha-approved Alphas in the service of their clans. Sakura and Sasuke were sending waves of both anger and jealousy.

Challenged Sasuke-kun to a fight in the hospital Sasuke-kun only accepted to try to help the baka to blow off some steam. Its not as if at that point in story Naruto showed anything to. Sakura was clearly annoyed with the present situation.

Naruto tired of being lectured on his chakra control and to be more like Sasuke decides to take action. Team 7 is Naruto Uzumaki Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno Sakura screamed about true love conquering all or something whilst Naruto was repeatedly banging his. Naruto also noticed a few girls in cheerleader outfits.

What will happen to team 7 without their sunshine. Time to show the world how great the Uchiha prodigy truly is. Time skip after lunch Narutos pov Every other teams senseis have come and taken their genin leaving only team 7.

The more neglected and beaten Naruto is the better because as you can see by the respective power levels in Naruto the dumber the sob story background the more powerful people become and the more justified seemingly. Hatake Kakashi a j┼Źnin a teacher and an omega has always managed to avoid the heat barracks.

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