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Naruto Marries Kaguya Fanfiction

Naruto then took a human form and married Kaguya as she became the mother of chakra while he was the father and later they had two sons who inherited their chakra. M English Romance Words.

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Naruto looked over his shoulder and his eyes widened along with his jaw dropping.

Naruto marries kaguya fanfiction. They couldnt be any happier thoughNaruto fell in love with Kaguya. Naruto x Kaguya Naruto neglect fan fiction by KetsuekiAkuma191 Anime Naruto Rated. Before him was a barely clothed at all Kaguya wearing nothing but a towel around her sizable assets bigger than Sakura but smaller than Hinata.

As the two boys grew Kaguya gave them love and nourishment while Naruto gave them discipline and trained them in the control of their chakra. Naruto and Kaguya have changed over the years going from friends to best friends then to boyfriend and girlfriend and then to betrothed in an arranged marriage put together by their fathers.

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Naruto And Kaguya Fanfiction

Naruto And Kaguya Fanfiction

Naruto And Kaguya Fanfiction

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Naruto And Kaguya Fanfiction

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Naruto And Kaguya Fanfiction

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