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Naruto Hinata X Neji

A short story where Naruto cant avert his ice from Sasuke and Neji tries to get up claus and personal with Kiba. Neji moaned and arched up into the blond.

Flower And Neji By Cholja On Deviantart Naruto Comic Naruto Shippuden Anime Naruto

The Last Airbender 4 Include Characters Uzumaki Naruto 2356 Hyuuga Hinata 2076 Haruno Sakura 1395 Uchiha Sasuke 1321 Hatake Kakashi 834 Yamanaka Ino 705 Nara.

Naruto hinata x neji. This story is a wild mix of frozen yogurt. Sakura Wallpaper 4K Naruto - Sakura Haruno Anime Animeart Anime Kakashi Madara Naruto Sakura Haruno Hd Mobile Wallpaper Peakpx. Hinata whispered seductively making Neji turn red.

Before he could say anything Hinata pressed her lips against Nejis moving her postion now sitting on his. Shes just like you I quietly told him. Free download Hinata And Naruto Kiss Real Episode Naruto And Hinata Episodes 1131x707 for your Desktop.

I have big plans for this fic though Evil Grin And yes I just had to do a Naruko X Neji pairing. After taking Hinata to the Rebirth. Ready Neji Neji nodded and with this Hinata grabbed his arm and pulled him.

Naruto uzumaki is the main protagonist in the popular manga and anime series naruto. Neji is enraged and moves to kill her but he is held back by Guy and the other observing jōnin. Hinata was still outside waiting for him.

After two years of marriage things are. Silent tears were streaming down the eighteen year old Kunoichis face as she gazed at herself in the mirror of her NEW. Naruto is an Omega married to the Alpha Hyuuga Hinata.

Gaara girl hinata hyuga iruka. Neji is part of the hyuga clan one of the leaf. Nevertheless Hinata collapses and is left in a critical condition.

Yeah come to think of it she always watches you Sakura told him making him look at. Here is the scene. Naruto kissed him hard searching the cove of Nejis mouth for something that wasnt there drowning in his sweet taste.

I looked at Naruto. I think its another of many interesting pairings. A n i m e m e m e s.

Hinata stared at herself in the mirror. Neji headed to the door and opened it. He looked at me.

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