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Naruto Gets Rinnegan And Becomes Hokage Fanfiction

Like hell Ill follow the orders of that mans child Oneki said in anger. In Narutos case by making the entire village ostracize him and then suddenly having a kind old man appear telling him in a roundabout way that becoming the hokage and serving the village is the only way for him to gain love and acceptance while secretly making sure he never really gains the skills required to do so either in the academy nor.

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Rinnegan naruto highschool dxd fanfiction.

Naruto gets rinnegan and becomes hokage fanfiction. Naruto has awoken the Rinnegan after releasing a seal that was placed on him at birth. Kill whoever he asks and hell give him not only power but answers. Just got revamped so dont kill me FLAMES ARE USED TO FEED MY MARSHMALLOW ADDICTION.

And then opened his eyes showing the Hokage his Rinnegan with two slits around his pupils. Naruto walked over to the bed where Tsunade laid he managed to get a closer look at the woman and he gasped at what he saw. Godlike naruto abandoned by his parents crossover fanfiction.

He faced the other side of the Valley of the End at a person who stood under the equally enormous statue of the greatest of the Uchiha Clan Madara Uchiha. The Hokage Mifune answered surprising the room. How will Naruto affect the Ninja world.

The person under this statue was none other than Sasuke Uchiha Narutos best friend. He makes Naruto a deal. His dad had told him all about his students How after the death of Obito Kakashi started coming late to everything except missions.

Naruto asked seriously the three nodded and respected Narutos demand. Konoha has done more damage to Akatsuki then any other faction even if you were aided by Kumo and Suna on several occasions. Glimpses of the Future Discontinued Fanfiction.

AN I dont own Naruto You should know that by now. Well thats what everybody else thinks. Naruto was growling as he stood under the enormous statue of the First Hokage Hashirama Senju.

While Hiruzen stared at Narutos Rinnegan with an opened mouth Naruto examined his surroundings. As the weapon descended Sasuke opened his left eye which had until then been closed allowing a red Rinnegan with six Tomoe on the rings to be seen. Depressed bitter and desperate Naruto becomes a ninja full of apathy.

Team naruto fanfiction Clekzo. Probably UzuIncest harem super powerful ass kicking Naruto forgive me for any mistakes in my story. If he was honest with himself he didnt expect Naruto to become.

He couldnt believe how well he could see he could see everything in much better detail. The Tsunade he saw appeared weak fragile and wrinkled this was a far cry from the strong beautiful woman he knew. As Naruto entered the Council Chamber he could feel the tension that was in the air which seemed to suffocate the room taking a good look around he was able to see all those that were present.

Trained to a sage before he graduates the academy developing the Rinnegan in his fight with Pein and now Hokage heading towards the Kage Summit. Suddenly a movement appeared behind him caught his attention. Part 2 of Alys Rinnegan Naruto.

Hes always so loud and cheerful and most likely to get on your nerves from his yelling about becoming the next Hokage. Naruto really is just a. I see Naruto gave a nod as he closed his now blue-eyes.

Godlike naruto is banished from konoha fanfiction. Crack fic where Danzo gets ahold of Narutomakes him a perfect emotionless puppetonly to realize Naruto needs emotions to unlock the 9-tails power. Dark naruto neglected by family fanfiction.

Naruto hated getting up early. Rinnegan naruto highschool dxd fanfiction. After seeing your battle with Danzo Shimura displaying the Rinnegan a Dojutsu that the leader of Akatsuki has gifted you with and your other amazing feats you are the right person for the seat of Hokage He said since Naruto had explained a shortened version of how he gained the Rinnegan.

Naruto After The War. Naruto befriends the toads at a very young age. Follow Naruto as he learns of his Destiny and walks the path of the Sage.

Naruto gets rinnegan and becomes hokage fanfiction. Konoha 12 Sai The 3 Sand Siblings Kakashi Guy Kurenai Asuma Iruka Yamato Jiraiya Tsunade and the 3rd Hokage all of them appear in a white room with Hagoromo also known as Sage of. Then one day on his first C-rank gone wrong Naruto meets Haku.

Naruto accepts but knowing the truth sends him to an emotional tailspin. Naruto gets the ultimate form of the rinnegan becomes a badass and gets a bunch of women on his arms. Through training perseverance and some guidance from some powerful teachers Naruto learns to control his new powers.

Naruto had appeared behind the black-haired teen and was in position to bring his War Fan down onto Sasukes head. Chaos ensues of course. Naruto is the hyperactive knuckle head ninja in the village hidden in the leaves.

Naruto fanfiction godlike naruto. The whole fic is spent trying to make Naruto feel something again by Danzo of all peoplewhile Narutowithout trying to slowly thaws Danzos heart. Mifune-dono I just took the position of Hokage barely a week ago Naruto spoke his opinion.

The first is a white haired boy wearing a white Kimono top with a black collar and matching black naruto gets rinnegan and becomes hokage fanfiction Rinnegan naruto fanfiction highschool dxd. The Rinnegan Narutos eyes widened in shock. Naruto awoke feeling irritable Looking at his alarm he saw it was only 330am.

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