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Naruto Falls In Love With Hinata Fanfic

Naruto just keeps fucking her then Karen comes in and kisses Diana as Naruto thrust his cock wildly into Dinans pussy like crazy with her trying hold on but it seems to be failing as Naruto is fucking her like a fox in heat as her breasts bouncing against Narutos chest as Naruto break off the kiss as Diana screams out Stop p-p-please. Naruto will get the rinnegan and other family based abilities.

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Special feelings for Tanjirou.

Naruto falls in love with hinata fanfic. Narutos Harem will consist of Anko Kurenai and Yugao while Anko will be the main. After a shocking discovery when visiting her husband Hinata. Sasuke will be bashed.

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By m3n4sk3r 060520 364. 01 Naruto went home too early. And the Kamado falls in love with her in such a wrong time.

Kanao refused to mention about it since then. Please dont ask for Hinata I dont hate that pairing I just dont plan on having her being paired with Naruto in this story.

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