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Neglected Older Naruto Joins Akatsuki Fanfiction

I will make you proud uncle and thank you for these three years I will become stronger to join the Akatsuki Naruto. This is my very first fanfic.

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Having been lied to for his whole life Naruto decides to join Akatsuki and take vengeance.

Neglected older naruto joins akatsuki fanfiction. At the battle of the Valley of the End Naruto manages to apprehend Sasuke but at the cost of being fatally injured. Fiction T - English - Adventure - Naruto U Temari - Chapters. I DONT OWN NARUTO Rated.

What happens next is a mystery even to Naruto. This is not a hate fic. The pairing is Naruto NamikazeIzumi Uchiha fem Itachi.

Izumi is 7years and 11 months old. When Naruto thought he was going to die the Akatsuki show up and decide to take him in. Minato Kushina are 28 years old.

In this chapter Naruto is 8 years old. You can bring your deva path along for this stay he will act as your classmate but you will need to put a seal on him to change his features and hide the rinnegan eyes Pein chuckled. Kakashi in being ordered to take Sasuke back alive had to choose between the two young ninjas.

In this story Naruto is the Kyuubi jinchúrikis older brother.

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