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Naruto Gets Konan Pregnant Lemon Fanfiction

Naruto is sitting on his bed with Konans back meeting his chest and she has a swollen stomach that makes her look seven months pregnant. Kushina only smirked sadistically and beckoning the women into the house she called for Konan.

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Who was the dumbass that got konan pregnant.

Naruto gets konan pregnant lemon fanfiction. I am loving this. Where is my ice-cream. Konan-chan I will make you a mother someday soon says Naruto as Konan screaming out her heart as she wants to be a mother to Narutos.

Only if they had sex with in 48 hours after drinking the potion will they get pregnant. Naruto is fucking her pussy while groping her breasts. And I said I wanted tacos All the members went running to the kitchen or to the store to get what there female and now pregnant partner wanted.

At the Akatusiki hideout all the members were cowering in fear at the bipolar konan. Oh um I came to have sex with Naruto and get pregnant by him admitted the woman shyly. So are you trying to tell my that half of my evil organization is pregnant Pein said originally thinking everyone was going to be mutated.

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