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Naruto Deidara X Male Reader

Surprise from the story Yandere Naruto One Shots by GalaxyGaurd with 9581 reads. Missions of Danger 6 Deidara x male reader.

Shark Week Kisame X Male Reader Naruto X Reader Scenario S Tobisoridara Edition

Naruto x Male Reader by 8Bit Bastard.

Naruto deidara x male reader. Naruto x reader oneshots And Headc. This is a work of fiction and I will warn you of graphic scenes and gore. I do not own Naruto or its affiliated characters.

AnimeManga Fanfiction Romance Reader Naruto X Reader. Vashperado Okay guys soooooo this chapter is going to be a little different from the. You were a very powerful S-rank missing-nin earning recognition within Akatsuki.

Everything is x Reader and everything in here is separate unless stated. Deidara Naruto Deaf Reader Request by. YN LN A young but powerful Anbu member Infamous for.

There is a myth at school that if a. You thought he ignored you but Deidara is a smart man he may be young. It came to no surprise since your boyfriend usually had to get up early in the.

Reader is a kunoichi who fled her village hiding her true identity. When you first came out to him as a Non-Binary hed just hum and continue whatever he was doing. Over the course of the school year ten different students will fall in love with Senpai.

Immediately I thought of Deidara and turned this into an X Reader. Read Deidara x reader Lemon from the story Anime Lemons TAKING REQUESTS by FanficsOverHere with 31310 readsThis is my first lemon so dont hate please. Naruto Various Modern x Fem Reader YnLn you had your charma very unique one but now you start a new life no one knows who you are but you were.

Deidara As Deidara built his Bombs you decided to catch up on your reading. Kimiko Matsuo デイダラ イタチ サソリ Art by. She does not like expressing her emotions and tends to.

You sat and read Fanfics when you suddenly ran across a Deidara X Sasori lemon. Yn is a talented 20-year-old martial art instructor with a special student namely Itachi Uchiha. Shark Week Kisame x Male Reader KABOOM YOUR HEART IS MINE Deidara x Female Reader Training Our Hearts Out.

Read Yandere Deidara X Reader. Deidara x Female Reader. With Chocolate Rock Lee x.

Originally it was going to be a drabble between my OC Rumiko and Deidara but by then I had. Read Deidara x Reader LEMON from the story Naruto x Reader Oneshots by jazmynecchi ᵏᶦᵗˢᵘⁿᵉᶜʰᵃⁿ with 13643 reads. I dont own naruto or any of the characters all credit goes to the original owner.

Tobi Naruto Zetsu Naruto Summary. The spot next to you was empty when you woke up. Deidara x reader - a day off.

You mastered the Devils Eyes by the age of.

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