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Does Naruto Die In Boruto Manga

Boruto the first movie is a sequel to Naruto the Last movie where the milking of the franchise keeps going by simply repeating the same crap all over again. Although Kishimoto was given the.

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Boruto has been a fairly good manga to enjoy for all the Naruto fans however it is a simple fact that the manga wouldnt exist without NarutoMost people who read Boruto are there because of Naruto and killing him off would be a very questionable move on the part of the writers.

Does naruto die in boruto manga. Naruto za Mūbī is the eleventh film in the Naruto series which is an official part of Naruto ProjectIt was written by Masashi Kishimoto creator of Naruto with assistance from Ukyō Kodachi who would later write the Boruto manga. I just saw the episodes till 64. Simply putting it The currently ongoing Arc in boruto is just an extended version of the MOVIE.

And saw the movie after that. Naruto the Movie BORUTO -NARUTO THE MOVIE- Boruto. After being teased at the end of The Last.

Naruto and Hinatas kids are Boruto and Himarawi and if wondering why they dont have the Byakugan its because Kishi While Boruto doesnt have the Byakugan he has an ability called the Joguan and not. Regarding the timeline It doesnt matter.

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