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Uke Naruto Haku Fanfiction

To say Neji was pissed off by the. Naruto looked at Haku in concern and disgust as he watched the boy he recently kissed cut himself in multiple places and soak himself in blood.

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He didnt want them.

Uke naruto haku fanfiction. Haku Naruto Female Uzumaki Naruto. The ice that once covered Haku was melting and Sasuke pumped himself. Id like to write a Sakura-pov Sasunaru fanfictionBecause it makes her suffer more to face the.

Hands gripped his shoulders tight but soon relaxed. He now moved to the Green. Wimpering and moaning Naruto moved his hips with each trust meeting every one.

Sasuke Uchiha secretly has an album of Naruto Uzumaki. A muffled whimpered was heard but Haku ignored it to pull Naruto closer to deepen the kiss. T - English - RomanceHumor - Chapters.

You Peals of laughter. Gaara is known for violence hes well known for that in Suna City especially in SunaHigh were hes later on expelled from. If you guys have any fanfics you like with naruto as uke in them that you think the rest of the club would like then please feel free to post them in a thread.

Are Volcanos of giggles. The princess of dragons the student of Zabuza Naruto fanfic 716K 18K 35 Mira is the princess of dragons and holds unimaginal talentshe lives with ZabuzaHaku. Naruto Uzumaki is an oblivious bastard whos pushed Sasuke around without knowing his side of the story.

Jul 25 2011 - Published. Haku pulsed in and out stretching his tight hole and ramming harshly into his prostate. Suddenly something erupted from the other end that Sasuke was near surprised to hear.

Im Haku nice to meet you Naru-chan Haku hugged Naruto and kissed him on the cheek. Im Uzumaki Naruto Naruto bowed. The pace was slowly building and each thrust of Hakus was deeper and harder than.

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