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Naruto Kills Orochimaru Fanfiction

Naruto killed Orochimaru Sarutobi stated earning a shocked look from the other man you need to understand Jiraiya Naruto has this. The Fall of Konaha.

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He got up with the help of Shizune and.

Naruto kills orochimaru fanfiction. He had to see it. Orochimaru threw a jaw-breaking punch that leveled Narutos entire body. Chidori Sasuke cried rushing towards the closing shell of sand surrounding Gaara.

However Orochimaru was faster and all of a sudden they were in a battle fists were exchanged Naruto used the flowing palm to full effect trying to shut down. Jiraiya couldnt believe it he wouldnt believe it. Several large spikes shot out to.

Naruto he beat Orochimaru Tsunade said in disbelief. Upon being viciously punched by Orochimaru instead of his jaw cracking from the punch.

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