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Naruto Helps Orochimaru Fanfiction

I failed you all and Naruto. His moans were horrible.

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Orochimaru put his arm around the young blond and led him out of the infirmary to show him around.

Naruto helps orochimaru fanfiction. His screams were hart-breaking. With that he finished the last seal for edo tensei and summoned the first and second hokage replacing Naruto and Sound shinobi respectively. Ku ku ku Smart boy Orochimaru laughed All I want is your help in destroying the Leaf Village Naruto hesitated at that but reluctantly agreed.

I hope you guys read the message on top. His curses were sinking inside Kabutos mind like sharp spears destroying. Or else I will send Orochimaru.

Said Orochimaru happy to see the spirit of his sensei getting crushed. I am sorry Minato Kushina Naruto. However Orochimaru was faster and all of a sudden they were in a battle fists were exchanged Naruto used the flowing palm to full effect trying to shut down Orochimarus limbs he struck Orochimarus heart only for two snakes to emerge from that body as Orochimaru reappeared from the ground around him this was getting tougher Naruto.

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