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Naruto Vs Goku Quora

Goku can wipe out their entire planet let alone them casually. Goku is probably a galaxy buster while Naruto will get drained out of chakra along with the ninetales after destroying a solar system.

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Genjutsu wont work as Goku.

Naruto vs goku quora. Why Goku has more chances of winning. We know in Dragon ball attack speed is relative to movement and. Next is their speed.

And- Goku has huge strength advantage over Naruto. So much so that the two are not relative to say the least. Piccolo destroys the moon in mere seconds.

Goku is much faster than Naruto. The only risk to him is that he cant breathe in space and. Absolutely nothing in the Naruto universe can compete with Goku by the Frieza Saga let alone beyond that.

Here is an early feat of speed and power from Dragon Ball. Naruto is better in tactics. Naruto will have to be more a lot more cautious not to get hit by one of those punches or else it would do serious damage but narutos fighting style is completely different from gokus and could make up for that cautiousness.

Both probably has equal speed. 30 Naruto 60goku 10draw.

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