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Naruto Rinnegan Destroys Konoha Fanfiction

Strong Naruto with different Rinnegan. To Be Held Accountable Naruto FanFiction.

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His actions sent a warning shot to the rest of the ninja world.

Naruto rinnegan destroys konoha fanfiction. Not only could all kinds of traps and ambushes be set up without being noticed by invaders but there was so much dangerous wildlife around that enemies had to constantly be on guard against poisonous or savage. Naruto left Konoha since the age of 5. Naruto shook his head and lowered the glasses he wore to cover his eyes revealing his own Rinnegan which made her wide-eyed.

The force of the blast knocked Naruto away as it exploded and formed a wind vortex with Danzo in the center. My goal is to destroy konoha. He builds a shell around himself nearly blocking out the world completely until he befriends Konohas estranged jinchuriki.

Now the remnants of Konoha aided by a semi-united ninja world seek revenge. Read the story as Naruto becomes the Hokage and leads the world to PEACE. While Kurama was enjoying playing with his food Naruto faced his mother and walked towards her.

Within the warmth of Team 7 and his friendship with Naruto. What if Naruto awakens bloodline which will change his life. Naruto looked at kyuubi.

A near death experience under the hands of an angry mob changes Narutos life forever. The Fifth Hokage Senju Tsunade walked down the hallway to her office and if she was honest with herself didnt really like heading there knowing what awaited upon her arrival there. Naruto has a baby fanfiction He is actually is strong but hides his skills so that his plan of getting freedom from Konoha isnt ruined.

Of course it didnt last very wrong. Located just outside the foxs cage was a black and white chakra settled in a yin-yang pattern. He catches her and tells her to turn back but she adamantly refuses.

NaruSaku with other pairings. In her office was a mountain of paperwork that held the village together regarding. Once he mastered both the kyuubis power and the rinnegan he would be strong enough to finally destroy konoha.

183 Dark Shadows by Dark Sharingan Naruto has been missing since he was four. At 12 he returns and takes on the chunnin exam with Hinata and Sakura. I wont rest till everyone in that village is dead.

Rinnegan Raising Ch 2 Naruto FanFiction. He stopped when he was right in front of her. Very StrongSmart Naruto with RinneganSharingan combination.

The forests surrounding Konoha were an excellent strategic advantage. Naruto screamed as he flashed behind Danzo and drove the jutsu in the Konoha ninjas back. 2k The Power to Heal and Destroy.

Five seconds later he was grinning darkly matching his dark counterpart. Follow him as he grows up with new friends a real family and a new path. There will be Lemons.

In any real danger Naruto relied heavily on Kuramas power to stay alive and survive the dire circumstances he found himself in. Die you filthy demon one of the ANBU shouted as he slashed at Narutos face with his katana blood spewing everywhere. Naruto has Rinnegan and after accidentally killing a Konoha Chuunin he flees fearing the wrath of the village.

Danzos laughter died as he released he couldnt escape the vortex he was repeatedly being bombarded by micro wind blade and his Izanagi was keeping him from being shredded. Kurama stopped all of the boys near-deaths. But that wasnt the only thing Kurama stopped.

After Itachi is seemingly murdered by his best friend - Shisuis - hands Sasukes life turns upside down. So this is who I am. As he rounded a corner he was attacked my eight shinobi who were all wearing masks.

This community contains fics which features Naruto with the Rinnegan as the Juubi Jinchuriki as the Rikudo reborn as the transmigration of Ashura Indra or both at the same time or also as the Transmigration of Hagoromo Otsusuki. The New Whirlpool had risen to be regarded as a threat. What is a good fanfic where Naruto destroys Konoha.

As Iruka prepares to leave he sees Hinata also attempting to leave secretly to go after Naruto. After years away from Konoha Naruto finally returned and completed his revenge. Naruto threw Minato towards him and the last thing he saw was big white teeth.

Better summany in Profile. Ninja of the Sand by DarthValgaav Naruto at a young age was taken from Leaf and raised in Sand. But the fanfics I read usually have him think twice about killing them because they changed or there are innocent people.

Super Strong Naruto dark Naruto OCC no Kyuubi and lemons. Now extended to fics that contains Naruto elements like the Gedo Mazo the Byakugan Eternal Mangekyo. WHAT THE HELL IS THE RINNEGAN Naruto yelled the toad was lifted a few dozen feet in the air before dropping onto the ground while Jiraiya flew backwards and slammed into a tree this surprised Naruto.

Naruto could not believe what he was hearing. Naruto finds a crystal that upon contact gives Naruto the abilities of the Rikudo Sennin the Sage of the Six Paths. After Realizing That This Place Was Never A Home He Accepted It And Vowed To Become Stronger Than Anyone On The Planet.

A short blonde- haired boy walked through the narrow streets of Konoha his head held low as if it weighed a ton. What the hell is Rinnegan Naruto yelled but the Pervy Sage and the toad were arguing this was annoying the crap out of Naruto now. Follow the next Sage as he tries to bring peace to the Shinobi World.

To Be Held Accountable. I wouldnt let himI promise I wouldnt let himI promise He said with a grin which caused a tint of pink to appear on her pale skin. Fic Request Ive read tons of fanfics where Naruto gets banished or leaves Konoha after being beaten up and he promises to destroy Konoha and everyone in it.

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