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Are Yahiko And Naruto Related

Cousins dont look alike either. Finally they both were alienated from society as children.

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Are yahiko and naruto related. Is Yahiko Related To Naruto. Well Asuma was Konohamarus uncle and they look nothing alike. Technically both are Pain.

Naruto by TV TokyoMasashi Kishimotoc. Arnold Vosloo South African-American actor Bodybuilder body dark brown eyes dark brown hair hairstyles. YOU CAN VEIW IT ON OUR WEBSITE FOR FREE.

However Nagato is the only reason Pain exists and he is the only reason Yahiko is able to function as one of the bodies of Pain. Yahiko Pein Wallpaper Yahiko Wallpaper Rurouni Kenshin Yahiko Wallpaper Yahiko Nagato Wallpaper Konan Yahiko Wallpaper Yahiko Naruto Wallpaper Yahiko Wallpaper iPhone Pain Yahiko Wallpaper Yahiko Nagato Konan Wallpaper. And no way was he his brother hes 30 years old for goodness sake.

Is Yahiko Pain Yahoo. However following Yahikos death Nagato adopted the alias of Pain ペイン Pein and along with Konan began leading a new Akatsuki one that would force. Nagato 長門 Nagato was a shinobi of Amegakure and descendant of the Uzumaki clan.

Theres no doubt in anyones mind that Yahiko is the main body of the Six Paths of Pain. Naruto was estranged because the Kurama was locked within him whereas Nagato was estranged because he had the Rinnegan. You mean hes Narutos uncle or cousin.

In this case it was Sasuke for Naruto and Yahiko for Nagato. Genin Rogue Release Profincey. IF THIS EPISODE IS BLOCKED.

Yahiko and Naruto is related. Purchase This Beat httpsbstarsf631b241e BUY 1 TRACK GET 1 FREE. Hope u like it D sorry for the QualityIts about Yahiko and a bit bout Nagato and Konan and their Pastc Anime.

Hottest Male Celebs ManCrushMonday. Is Yahiko Still Alive. Surprisingly both of them have to say goodbye to a close friend.

Based on the fact that he was trained by Jiraiya in moderate to advanced ninjutsu as well as taking into account the pressures of the war-torn era Yahiko Konan and Nagato likely had the advanced skills of Jonin by the time they were in their m. Forming Akatsuki alongside his friends and fellow war orphans Yahiko and Konan Nagato dreamed of bringing peace to the violent shinobi world. Answered 1 year ago Author has 33K answers and 9M answer views Just because Yahiko bares a passing resemblance to Naruto and by extension Minato does not mean that Yahiko is related to them or that he is a so-called Namikaze which probably isnt even a ninja clan by the way.

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