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Naruto Sanbi Jinchuuriki Fanfiction

Between Narutos power growing and rescuing three other kids with family issues two being socially inept and the other flinching at loud noises Kakashi knows his life is about to become chaotic. Hot New 1.

Yagura Jinchuriki Of Isobu Sanbi Three Tails Turtle 4th Mizukage Of Kirigakure Naruto Anime Anime Naruto

Kyuubi-san here was just telling me you are my new jinchuuriki.

Naruto sanbi jinchuuriki fanfiction. Hn its the Jinchuuriki Naruto stated. Sasuke his teammate and rival for whom he shared a mutual hatred was riddled with senbon needles they covered his arms legs and torso and five were lodged in his neck. A Family of Jinchuuriki.

Naruko-chan wake up or youll be late for your first day at the academy Kushina called from the kitchen. Naruko groaned slightly as she got out of bed she grabbed her clothes before heading to. Meanwhile in Konoha Team 7 wakes up to find that Naruto has disappeared without a.

Isobu saiken naruto shukaku kurama chomei songoku matatabi yagura jinchuuriki kokuo tailedbeasts utakata sanbi gyuki kirigakure fuu jinchuriki gaara uchiha. Kumogakures the only village known to have treated their jinchuuriki in good ways unlike the other villages as their jinchuuriki have been always a relative of the Raikage The Three Tails or the Sanbi is a turtle and has the power to create corals and can swim at high speeds underwater. I must greatly thank you for freeing me from the horrible beastly state.

When the two entered and saw Naruto one smiled and waved slightly while the other seemed to stare at him before turning to one the aisles and walked toward it with the female following close behind. When the Yellow Flash manages to save his two students from the grasp of ninjas from the Hidden Mist the fate of a young girl but also the fate of the entire world ends up irrevocably changed. I even thought about making Hinata a Jinchuuriki but I dont know if it will ruin the story if I make her a jinchuuriki because I have read some jinchuuriki hinata fanfics and wanted to see if I could make her one in my story anyway in chapter two Naruto and Hinata go to Suna to meet gaara and Naruto can explain hinata and gaara his plan and as.

Konohas Heir by. Naruto isnt quite happy when Tsunade cancels his training trip and sends him off to Kumo in the dead of night. 482013 40 Chapter 1.

Said Jinchuuriki was meditating over the tallest tree in the forest of death usually the place was very lonely and quiet at least when Anko wasnt around but she was on a mission out of the village and. The Three Jinchuuriki by MajorAbigailWhitlock. The Jinchuuriki I want to apologize to those who read and noticed that I misspelled Jinjuriki I had honestly thought that was how it was spelled instead of Jinchuuriki.

Isobu 磯撫 Isobu more commonly known as the Three-Tails 三尾 Sanbi is one of the nine tailed beasts. The ending of the story was much more vague in my head eg. White Shinigami Naruto fanfic.

But what if once he talked to the Kyuubi he decided to seek out the only other people who were like him the other Jinchuuriki. With the Akatsuki on the move the Hidden Villages decide to hide away their Jinchuuriki. What if instead of just Kyuubi attaching Konaha and the Nibi and the Nanabi also attacked with him and the Kyuubi still got sealed inside Naruto and the Nibi inside Sakura and Nanabi inside Hinata.

Performing the Fuinjutsu she sealed the Sanbi within baby Naruko before passing out from exhaustion. Anime Naruto Rated. Due to her inhuman stamina and endurance levels coupled with all the speed-centered training she had gone through in preparation for using the Hiraishin Sasuke had found her to be the ideal trainer since he was starting to focus more on speed as well.

1 Background 2 Personality 3 Appearance 4 Abilities 41 Physical Prowess 42 Ninjutsu 421 Nature Transformation 5 Part II 51 Akatsuki Suppression Mission 52 Three-Tails Appearance 53 Fourth Shinobi World War. Whether or not Kakashi had a good compatibility with the Sanbiif he was going to die what Obito was going to do about Madara and his reaction to Minato etc Also couldnt really be bothered to. See what awaits the three jinchuuriki in this story.

Part 1 of The hectic life of the Hatake family. One more round Naruko bit back a retort as she launched into a sprint racing to catch up with Sasuke. Gaara Yugito Yagura Roshi Han Utakata Fuu and Killer Bee.

Fanfiction The cliche naruto is an anbu neglected by his parents is super powerful betrayed by village masks everywhere sort of Thing but hey if your into That sort of thing then read along who knows what will happen you may like it. Naruto gave them one last glance before he slipped on his new mask and walked outside. He was a little nervous because he has never faced a so distressed Naruto.

It was last sealed within Yagura Karatachi of Kirigakure. The Jinchuuriki Alliance Naruto Fanfic WINNER Naruto Uzumaki found out about everything. It functions quite differently from other Wizarding schools around the world.

Uzumaki Naruto- wizard jinchuuriki ninja- WILL become Hokage. Kenji Yagura jinchuuriki of the sanbi Isobu. He wide eye was now a calm blue like an ocean on a still day.

T English Friendship Humor Naruto U Words. Naruto Jinchuuriki of Four Chapter 1 a naruto fanfic FanFiction Hello everyone and welcome to a new story. It took a moment for the Sanbi to realise his new jinchuuriki had entered and he quickly turned around to greet him.

The Academy also known more formally as Mahoutokoro is the Wizarding school in Japan.

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