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Naruto Hates The Uzumaki Clan Fanfiction

Genin Naruto Uzumaki in light of your atrocious behavior towards Konoha dishonorable actions in the field attempted murder of Clan Heir and fellow shinobi of Konoha Sasuke Uchiha usage of A-rank Kinjutsu and endangerment of Hidden Leaf Village by releasing Kyuubis Chakra the Council of Konoha has found you guilty of all charges. Im going to be late He spoke in an irritated tone and threw his covers to the side causing the sleeping black fox at the foot of his bed to yip at him.

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Naruto started to run towards to Hokage Tower assuming he would find his grandfather there.

Naruto hates the uzumaki clan fanfiction. Not today Kit Im late. He was halfway to his destination when an ANBU appeared in front of him. He looked over at his clock and saw that it read 730.

Itachi naruto sasuke kakashi uchiha akatsuki sakura deidara sasori kisame hidan obito itachiuchiha gaara tobi narutoshippuden shisui shikamaru konoha pein 12K Stories Sort by. The web like cocoon around Naruto began to move slowly at first but after the first tiny hint of what could be called a twitch of movement soon became a jerking motion and the web like material that saved the Uzumaki from falling to an imminent death had been ripped to pieces. TsunadeUzumaki Naruto 75 Hyuuga HinataUzumaki Naruto 31 Uzumaki NarutoYamanaka Ino 25 Haruno SakuraUzumaki Naruto 23 ShizuneUzumaki Naruto 20 Mitarashi AnkoUzumaki Naruto 19 TentenUzumaki Naruto 16 Uzumaki NarutoYuuhi Kurenai 16 Uzumaki KushinaUzumaki Naruto 12 Terumi MeiUzumaki Naruto 11 Include Additional Tags.

Uzumaki Naruto 1897 Uchiha Sasuke 1641 Namikaze Minato 1610 Uchiha Itachi 1399 Haruno Sakura 1263 Uchiha Madara 1155 Uzumaki Kushina 952 Include Relationships Hatake KakashiUchiha Obito 2658 Namikaze MinatoUzumaki Kushina 440 Uchiha SasukeUzumaki Naruto 392 DeidaraUchiha Obito 357 Nohara RinUchiha Obito 335. I must ask you to come with me to the Tower Uzumaki-san Naruto nodded frantically and before he could speak he was hoisted in the ANBUs arms and both flickered to their. Uchiha naruto sasuke sakura uzumaki itachi kakashi narutoshippuden konoha madara sasukeuchiha akatsuki anime haruno team7 senju narutouzumaki ninja sharingan narutofanfic 12K Stories Sort by.

Uzumaki Naruto gasped as his eyes flew open.

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