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Kid Naruto And Hinata Lemon Fanfiction

Naruto fell to the bed next to her both taking deep breaths. I love you too Hinata replied as Naruto pulled the sheets over them and they fell into a deep sleep in each others arms.

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Naruto 342 Boruto.

Kid naruto and hinata lemon fanfiction. Naruto x Hinata lemon romantic fa. Naruto finds a scroll has a child its not a normal summoning jutsu he can summon women from other worlds to aid him in his ninja career but when hes a kid hes taken by close friends of his parents from being Konoha weapon and he grows up in a foreign village and country naruto. With Naruto smirks as he fucks Hinatas pussy deeply.

Naruto is thinking she will be like the others. What would happen to Naruto and Hinata after the last and before Boruto. In reality he was just a kid.

Naruto Next Generations 5 Bleach 1 Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe - Benjamin Alire Sáenz 1 Exclude Characters Uzumaki Naruto 325 Uchiha Sasuke 324 Haruno Sakura 139 Uchiha Itachi 120 Inuzuka Kiba 85 Hatake Kakashi 81 Yamanaka Ino 70 Nara Shikamaru 61 Hyuuga Hinata. By Rosemary Fawn Ramsdell. I love you Hinata-chan Naruto whispered embracing her.

Naruto kissed her one last time. Not able to live outside with me as he thrusts more in her they had more sex until Hinata can move no more. Or so they said.

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