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Is Naruto Dead Or Alive In Boruto

No Naruto is not dead in Boruto not yet. Naruto smirked as he saw two redheads servicing his cock.

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To make matters worse Isshiki is deriving pleasure because he wants Naruto alive and cognizant to see the ninja world suffer.

Is naruto dead or alive in boruto. The reason why Im saying this is because judging from what Kawaki said in this brief moment on panel it doesnt seem to appear that he was the one who killed the 7th Hokage and theres a number of things that point to that direction. I only want to know if Naruto is dead or alive because I dont care about the status of Boruto whom I despise. Naruto Next Generations it was heavily implied that the Hokage would suffer defeat at the hands of Kawaki.

Naruto Next Generations has gone live and it was there fans watched as Kankuro seemingly killed himself to save Boruto and Shinki from a. This means that the time for Naruto to die has not yet come and the chances of him surviving are high. The new Boruto anime has just started airing last week and for those who didnit read the manga there obviously was a big reveal at the beginning of the ep.

Contains spoilers for Boruto. The fans are irate at the death of Naruto and it is understandable in my opinion. There are not enough pieces of evidence available to support the fact that Naruto is dead.

Boruto Naruto Next Generation. A grown up Boruto narrates in the first chapter revealing that this is his story but that his father had. In the first chapter of Boruto.

Im so excited to see what is in store for usBe sure to check ou. Well short answer. To be more accurate Naruto exists in a limbo world from which he cant escape cut off from the ones he loves until Isshiki decides otherwise.

In Naruto one of Orochimarus attempts at living forever requires him to brand shinobi with his Cursed Seal of Heaven which slowly corrodes the mind of. How you feel about Boruto is irrelevant to that point. If playback doesnt begin shortly try restarting your device.

Naruto Next Generations In Naruto Orochimaru loses his immortality through the Cursed Seal of Heaven and Boruto just repeated that defeat in a much more brutal way with its latest villain Jigen. At the age of 8 Boruto awoken Kekkei Genkai Dōjutsu in his right eye. Today we begin our brand new adventure into the world of Boruto Uzumaki.

I think now this is just my opinion and a theory that Naruto actually passed away a while back before the encounter with Boruto and Kawaki ever even took place. Naruto will not die in the Boruto manga and especially not by Isshikis hands. This can perceive the flow of chakra making it visible to see different changes in chakra it can see invisible barriers that connects different dimensions and also see.

In the first episode of Boruto its is suggested that Naruto has died. 1 day agoOf course Jigens failure in Boruto culminates in a much more brutal manner as he burns to death while in Naruto Orochimaru just loses access to Ankos seal. With the information currently at hand its impossible to know.

Naruto Is Not DEAD. After all episode 121 of Boruto. Videos you watch may be added to the TVs watch history and influence.

Boruto is the oldest son of Naruto and Hinata the main protagonist of the series and an elite prodigy. He however has lost Kurama and is weakened as far as the current scenario is. There is always the possibility that she does not know that Naruto is alive.

Naruto has been around for years and he has a huge fan base and killing him is a huge risk. The circumstances in which he died are still unknown to the reader in the manga and the anime. The could be brought up to start a spark so that people watch Boruto.

The first episode of Boruto Naruto Next Generations showed us a glimpse at the fate of the hidden leaf village with Konoha being left in ruins in the wake o. When Naruto hears that his feisty mother Kushina is alive he heads off dragging friends old and new along on an journey that just might be their last. Of course Itachi physically removes Sasukes own Cursed Seal of Heaven with the Sword of Totsuka but it doesnt involve reviving Orochimaru and isnt nearly as brutal as burning alive.

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