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Can Sasuke Use 6 Paths Of Pain

And Sasuke got the eyes of the sage along with the usual boost six path power provides. I mean I dont think he would in-character but technically I.

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Team Taka has the same knowledge Naruto did.

Can sasuke use 6 paths of pain. Sasuke has the rinnegan only in one of his eyes we dont even know if he has access to all 6 paths also lol at perfect susanoo having a chance against a rinnegan user. Sasuke has only used 2 paths causing people to believe he isnt capable of using the rest. He can for sure make mincemeat of four of the six Paths but when it comes to Pains big guns and trump card in Preta Im a little stymied as to how the former can deal.

So we cant say for sure if he could so something like this. Well theoretically yes it seems logical that he wouldve mastered his Rinnegan powers by now having already shown he was capable of using 2 of the six paths abilities fresh off of getting his Rinnegan during the war. An Outer Path technique that allows a Rinnegan user to manipulate up to six bodies as though they are their own.

The rinnegan gives the user the six paths techniques sasuke usage of deva path and preta path is the confirmation of that. Dont used Ninjutsu on them these guys can absorb Chakra Eerrrmmmm you could basicly do the same thing sasuke boi. As much as i like Adult Sasuke and all i think he is a scrub compare to Nagatos pure mastery over Rinnegan when it comes to 6 Paths abilities.

It was more like Naruto got the sages body with the affinity for six paths sage chakra and the TSBs. Since Sasuke is one he has access to it although hes only using the Preta Path as stated in the wiki. Can sasuke use 6 paths.

Technically speaking Sasuke cannot use his Sharingan that efficiently and effectively if he uses Six paths of pain. At least KCM Naruto has v2 Ay speed to sidestep this problem. Sasuke was amped by kyuubi cloak which.

Like how he was able to track juubito. EMS sasuke has plenty of feats that prove he can take out pain. He is only the second person who was able to perfect it after Minato Namikaze.

From the wiki The Six Paths of Pain is. Its time to clear up some misconception. Obito can by knowledge but doesnt have the Chakra requirement.

Both got six paths power. Also since it is based on the six Buddhist Paths of Reincarnation I dont think this applies to living people. Team Taka are all at their strongest except Sasuke is right before he got EMS Danzo fight pretty much.

Sasuke also lacks the feats to survive Chibaku Tensei or Chou Shinra Tensei. Sasuke has never been shown in the series to have knowledge on how to invoke Demonic Statue of Outer path so far.

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