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Naruto Uzumaki Clan Fanfiction

This story will have Naruto using the Uzumaki clan Fuinjutsu extensively. Naruto uses Lava and Boil Release in this story.

The Forgotten Son Tale Of The Lost Clan Naruto Naruto Uzumaki Naruto Shippuden Anime

Doesnt have to be in Uzu its fine even if its just about the survivors in a different village.

Naruto uzumaki clan fanfiction. That spiral is the Uzumaki clan symbol. 411 - Follows. The second ninja was fairer in skin along with onyx eyes and black hair that was spiky in the back with long bangs.

Uzumaki Clans Rebirth. Reincarnated into the Naruto world and Daughter of a ex Uzugakure Jonin and a ex Konoha Ninja everything seems alright in her calm civilian life that is until disaster strikes follow Mizuko as she tries to raise a few. Naruto had of course as he said only mastered the basics of the Regular Uzumaki Kenjutsu style.

Parent Uzumaki Naruto After the Fourth War the Uzumaki clans long forgotten secrets are unleashed onto the world- the Great Beasts. Naru being the last of the Uzumaki Clan and a female at that would be the best way for the Village to restore such a glorious clan. I dont own Naruto nor the.

He has three elements in total because of his bloodlimit Fire Water and Earth. Strong Naruto possible god or sage Naruto. Naruto Comes Home Konohas Plea.

Mostly Naruto as the main character but doesnt have to. The Uzumaki were a feared clan with the power of the Kyubi in one he will be stronger than any other Jinchuriki The two nodded and bowed to Danzo Understood Danzo-sama we did not mean to question you. His name was Naruto Uzumaki.

Naruto renace el clan uzumaki fanfic. Naruto of the Uzumaki Clan Ch 1 Naruto FanFiction. The Head of the Uzumaki Clan by Cryonites12 91K 238 8 In this fanfic our young Naruto is not only the jinchuuriki of the nine-tailed fox but hes also the Uzumaki Clan head.

Sword of God -- A Naruto Fanfiction by NOBODY9181 168K 36K 58 Years have passed after the legendary Uzumaki clan had sealed the full might of nature into five blades empires rose and fell by. Fiction M - English - AdventureFamily - Naruto U Karin U Nagato U Kushina U - Chapters. It seems that he will jump off of the ledge until he hears the sweet sounds of Kushina Uzumaki and her labor pains.

As such as the Third Hokage tried to prevent it Naru is placed in the restoration program where she must choose at least three men before she turns eighteen or be forced to marry by the councils whim. The Uzumaki Clan founded Whirlpool not only that but Uzumakis go out of their way to help people. Any kinds of pairings welcome.

I DO NOT OWN NARUTO. Just a fic where Naruto being a clan heir is either important or atleast just mentioned. Mangekyo before returning to Madaras side.

Rated M for coarse language and implied sexual situations. Uzumaki Naruto 29112 Uchiha Sasuke 18727 Haruno Sakura 13176 Hatake Kakashi 11974 Hyuuga Hinata 5676 Uchiha Itachi 5327 Nara Shikamaru 4724 Yamanaka Ino 4626 Tsunade Naruto 3885 Umino Iruka 3399 Include Relationships Uchiha SasukeUzumaki Naruto 8672 Hyuuga HinataUzumaki Naruto 2522 Haruno SakuraUchiha Sasuke 2259. Duh Herro normal talk Can I talk to the sombodeeeee Non-human talk My name is the Ranga-ha-tima-mago-yum-umdid-ram-geh Thought.

At the time of the confrontation nothing said so very much about the Yondaimes godlike ability than his capacity to instantly recognize Madara as a threat recognize the infamous red and black style of the mangekyo sharingan and warp back to headquarters to give a warning to the people there in a single description of. Stories that involve the Uzumaki Clan Fuuinjutsu andor Uzushio. Post to Your Profile Share via Email.

This fic will aalso include some elements from Bleach mainly Hoho and Veritas some elements from EOTL. Speaking thinking Jutsu Tailed Beast Speak NaruxMei. The world will know Pain at the hands of the forgotten Uzumaki Clan.

He has three elements in total because of his bloodlimit Fire Water and Earth. He wore a blue short-sleeved shirt with a high collar with the Uchiha crest on the back a fan-like symbol with white at its base colored red on the front end. It should be displayed on all your clothing but because Konoha is using it on most of thier clothing I would have included a picture of a new symbol that better shows the Uzumaki clan symbol it is still the spiral but it has 4 big circles one on the top one on the bottom one on the left and one on the.

Searching is Over and Meeting another Uzumaki 12K 326 11. Everyone in the village loved the clan and once it was announced that Naruto was married a lot of the young girls were moaning in defeat. Naruto learns uzumaki clan kenjutsu fanfiction.

The Uzumaki clan Fanfiction. Yaoi het yuri and harem all welcome. The third Hokage was watching the afternoon sun pass the clouds as he thought of his times as Hokage his happy times in his innocent genin years teaching the young soon to be Sannin his fond memories of Kenji his heartbreak on Orochimarus defection he gave out a deep sigh he needed to retire.

To revive the Uzumaki clan naruto. Even stories with Naruto as only surviving member. Sword of God -- A Naruto Fanfiction by NOBODY9181 138K 31K 58 Years have passed after the legendary Uzumaki clan had sealed the full might of nature into five blades empires rose and fell by.

As Chunin Naruto and Hinata travel to the Great Nations picking up three students along the way to nurture as the next generation.

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