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Naruto Is Gaara's Brother Fanfiction

So he wants to find the truth to why he was separated from his cute younger sibling. Tezen Hatake is the older lost twin of Kakashi Hatake and they were separated from birth and he as just come back to the Hidden village but Tezen doesnt even believe that was the fully truth.

Brothers Kankuro Temari And Gaara Anime Naruto Gaara Naruto Shippuden Characters

The sand formation beneath Gaara elevated pulling him up twenty feet into the air.

Naruto is gaara's brother fanfiction. Gaara saw tears running down Jeremiahs face. Kiba and team were directly below Saori and team so she overheard him say the sand smelt like blood. Naruto felt his body temperature begin to rise as the image lingered in his mind even after his daydream was interrupted by someone entering the room.

The little boy sighed to himself he yearned to play with. In the middle of it all Itachi briefly widened his eyes. There was a insane roar once the redhead hit the ground.

Gaara still didnt move as Lee came in for round two. A group of eight exact Naruto clones appears alongside the Uzumaki. Baby Gaara squirmed in his sisters hold.

Dodging to the right Gaaras sand went after Lee in a counter attack. When Gaaras feet hit the ground Naruto spoke Oi Im gonna make this good Gaaras brow furrowed not. Her life is not as easy as it seems.

Temari put her scroll down and motioned for Gaara to come over to them. Do not forget who is. Gaaras Wolf - Thrust into the Nar.

He sat on a swing by himself watching as the other children played with a ball laughing and having fun. Gaara then used his. Gaaras Brother Chapter 1.

Naruto is trying his best to save his relationship of three years but he soon realizes it might not be worth it if hes the only one fighting. Curse of Immortality Naruto Fanfi. Gaaras sand protected him and Kankurō explained about the sand.

Shikai Nara has always lived in the shadow of her twin brother Shikamaru because he was born first which made him the future of the Nara clan. The rain ninja sent a rainstorm of needles from one of his umbrellas. Anger forgotten his last thought was if the person was truly his twin brother before he passed out.

She lives in Suna with her 1 sister and 2 brothers. Naruto and all its characters belongs to Kishimoto Masashi. A perverted grin spread across Narutos face as he imagined Gaaras expression.

Temari and Kankurou after two and half days of travel were stopped in a clearing feeding their baby brother Hes so tiny Kankurou stated. Whats going to happen. Gaara looked up startled and he shook his head apologising furiously.

Forcing him to get some distance. You can tell him while hes over there Right now killing Kankuro was an option but Gaara chose to ignore that option as he walked to his brother. The red-eyed boy pierced Gaara with a penetrating look and flicked his finger making Gaara gasp in pain.

Twin a Harry Potter Naruto Crossover fanfic FanFiction. Who will be her lover. As the sand swirled around the Jinchūriki no one saw his look alike walk up to the the six year old.

Impressive but no taijutsu user was going to beat my brother. His look of anxiousness mirrored his siblings perfectly. A soft blush marring his pale skin his full lips parted sensuously his eyes wide and clouded with pleasure and lust.

Kankuro looked at Gaara before looking at their sister. Shut up you pathetic raccoon. This time using punches and kicks.

Small drops started falling from Narutos eyes as he cried silently and Gaaras eyes widened and he got all the answers he needed. Aw cmon Kankuro protested knowing he was risking getting killed. Lees assault was blocked one by one as fist sized clouds of sand danced around Gaara.

After a drunken night with a certain dark-haired stranger Naruto realizes just what hes been missing and the drama ensues. Ok so I would like to say thank you to those reading and put down some ground rules for this story. Gaara was in his element.

Hes a baby Temari stated trying to sound older. AnimeManga Fanfiction Romance Naruto Older Brother. This is my first Naruto FanFiction.

The next thing Naruto and Gaara knew Itachi was now in the air upside down above the sand and the clones. Pink Fox Sakuras Brother A Naruto FanFiction Fanfiction Javen Haruno has been hiding his identity as an ABNU for years and one fateful day he decides to unmask and join the shinobi community and try to be the brother Sakura never got to have. There will be no boyboy or any romance in this at all.

Along with Gaaras sand the clones dropped to the ground and rushed the Uchiha from all sides. One of which is her twin Gaara. A young girl named Airi has a terrifying secret an insane brother and a secret lover.

But hes the tiniest baby Ive ever seen Kankurou stated. Gaaras mouth had trapped his lower lip and with Gaaras teeth grazing over the intrusion uncertainly and the warm wet caverns natural suction it felt good on the sensitive skin. The crossover is only with my OC and nothing more from the Harry Potter World.

As if knowing something bad was going on. Recognizing the noise for what it was Gaara quickly opened his mouth again to release the captive flesh. It hovered forward depositing Gaara in the sand valley with Naruto.

Naruto stood in the same position for a moment and Gaara thought he hadnt heard him and was about to say it again when his words were caught in his throat. A light breeze ran through the village hidden in the sand ruffling the red hair of a little seven-year-old boy.

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