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Heartbroken Naruto Joins Akatsuki Fanfiction

However this also contains elements inspired by dracohalo117s Kushinas Love Narutos hate. The steady rhythm of Kakashis running mixed with the rushing sound of blood in his ears.

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When Naruto thought he was going to die the Akatsuki show up and decide to take him in.

Heartbroken naruto joins akatsuki fanfiction. Pat pat pat pat. The edges of his vision were blurred with red and the path ahead was stretched with shadows and all Kakashi. AnimeManga Romance Humor Naruto Corrupted Light.

Naruto Joins Akatsuki Ch 1 Naruto FanFiction. Kakashi in being ordered to take Sasuke back alive had to choose between the two young ninjas. Mirajane now apart of the Akatsuki moves to Kohona and joins the ninja acdemy so she can spy on Naruto.

At the battle of the Valley of the End Naruto manages to apprehend Sasuke but at the cost of being fatally injured. This a story based on Naruto Mirajane is a 13 years old member of the Akatsuki but shes a little strange because shes probably the complete opposite of evil. What happens next is a mystery even to Naruto.

It should be noted that in this story NagatoPain and Kushina are brother and sister and the Uchiha massacre is committed on Naruto.

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